Yellow Aster Butte ankle fx
OL: Justin Mitchell

Ben Wood – initial text, then call around 1635.
73yo female with probably ankle fracture (pain & nausea upon weight-bearing)
YAB trail
2.7 miles up, 1700′ elevation gain
Stream & snow crossing below YAB
48.94902, -121.67791

Ben working on a helicopter through state resources first, then may try the Navy. Given time frame and lack of life or limb status, agreed to mobilize our team right away in the event needed. Stage at Maple Falls or end of Mosquito Lake Road.

Kyle Breakey
James Pierson
Jesse Arroyo
Will hill
Justin Mitchell
Jason Martin

Anthony Marra (can be ready by 7pm)
Olivia Leader – later after run
Patrick Beebe-Sweet 7:30

Kendall and Glacier Fire Hall sent 7 people off with litter, wheel, vacuum splint, and nitrous. asked for BMR to continue mobilizing for help with pack out.
King County and Snow County both declined, Navy ended up accepting mission.
Fire personnel made contact with subject around 1845. Confirmed probable ankle fracture and splinted.
BMR mobilized and staged at end of mosquito Lake Road, at which point sheriff confirmed navy landed and was packaging patient.
Overall, mission went well, and great communication between BMRC and sheriff. AAR phone call with Ben – both agreed this was a good model for missions going forward for us.