Heliotrope Ridge leg laceration
WSCO: Mason Stafford
BMRC OL: Justin Mitchell
Report provided by Thomas Meade, with some additions from Justin Mitchell

BMRC Members: 4
Thomas Meade
Ron Norwood
Alex Ellis
Elias Jordan
Whatcom County District 14: 3
Glacier Fire & Rescue: 2
BORSTAR: 5 (Harold, Patrick, Jared, Ian, and ??)

Mission Map: www.sartopo.com/m/RB2S

1456- Pageout for severe leg laceration
1647- T1 deployed from heliotrope TH
1715- T1 on scene
1759- Litter moving
1852- All teams out of the field

At around 3:00pm BMRC OL Justin Mitchell paged out for a “severe leg laceration” with possible packout based on an inReach activation by a third party. It was determined that BMRC, as well as BORSTAR, would send a hasty team POV to the Heliotrope trailhead to provide immediate medical attention and assess the situation. Ensuing BMRC members responded in the BMRC van.

At the trailhead, Thomas Meade (BMRC) and Jared (BORSTAR) met with several firefighters from District 14 (Kendal) and 19 (Glacier) to coordinate the response. Initial information was that the bleeding stopped but the patient was stranded at the creek crossing. Team 1 deployed into the field with BLS and ALS kits at 1647. Glacier Fire and District 14 followed shortly after with the full body vacuum splint, 300’ rope bag, and one-piece litter and wheel from Brush 92.

T1 arrived on scene at 1715, about a mile lower than the initial coordinates (and across the creek). BMRC member Elias Jordan, who was guiding an ascent with AAI, was on scene and had controlled and dressed the bleeding. After a quick report it was found that the 39yoF patient was pain-free and in good spirits despite the debilitating injury. Medical personnel on scene decided to assess and redress the laceration. It was reported that the patient took a stumbling fall from standing height and sustained a 4-5in deep laceration just below the left knee cap. Despite already walking over a mile, it was found that bending the injured leg caused bleeding to resume.

Given this information, the patient was packaged in the litter at 1759 and whisked off to the trailhead by team members from BMRC, BORSTAR, WCFD#14 and GFRD. Teams reached the trailhead at 1852 and the subject was transported POV to the hospital.

No other injuries sustained and no equipment lost/broken.

Key Points:
* Having Elias on scene proved to be a great help. He had the right equipment and knowledge and was able to coordinate with the trailhead command prior to deploying teams.
* Use of in-reach devices proved very useful. Requested RP’s in-reach address from IERCC via sheriff, but never happened. Will continue to talk to WCSO about this.
* Elias notified President Jason Martin of the mission via in-reach but Jason was inaccessible at the time. Opportunity – members with in-reach devices notify OLs if/when they come across a mission → establish direct communication on-scene.
* BMRC responders were fairly new members, but did a great job mobilizing/responding. Initial difficulty in getting access to SAR bldg for rescue van – big thanks to Ed Honcoop for helping here!
* Member who responded with van had not gone through prior van training – not optimal but had to be done to ensure we had proper equipment there.
* As always, BMRC worked in collaboration with many firefighters and used their equipment, so we had to trust their familiarity with the gear. We used a one piece wheeled stokes basket with handles.
* Other than that, it was a well coordinated snatch and grab. Our patient and their party were very thankful for the help.

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