Mission was to assist North Cascades National Parks (NCNP) in the search and recovery of the remains of an adult male who went missing two years ago. Mission was in NCNP, trailhead Colonial Creek Campground. Search area was near a back county camp at 4th of July Pass.

Team Members: 2 National Park Rangers and 6 BMRC volunteers: Thomas Meade, Tracy Petroske, Deb, Alex Ellis, Douglas Ray, Bob Sampson (OL)

Remains of subject were recovered: several pieces of clothing, backpack, wallet with identification, 2 bones, and other objects that were identified as belonging to the subject.

NCNP coordinated the search and called out BMRC for support. Met at NCNP Ranger Station in Marblemount to receive briefing. Plan was to grid search areas near a clue found by recent hikers and identified to belong to missing subject. Minimal gear was needed and taken. Team only took equipment needed for day hiking and bags to pack out objects found. Team began search near point of clue and within minutes found additional items. The team cleared area above initial items found and then searched on slope below where items were found. Additional items were found downslope of initial items that were found.

Some lessons learned in searching for a subject’s remains: characteristics of where animals might take remains: within .25 to .5 miles. Along animal social trails, etc.